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Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care Volunteers Scatter Kindness™ on Valentine’s Day 

This past Valentine’s Day, the volunteers at Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care were able to Scatter Kindness™ by creating personalized scrapbook cards, bringing smiles and joy to the patients and families the not-for-profit organization has the privilege of serving.  

“Quite a few of the patients immediately showed me the card they received when I visited,” said Tom Schwind, chaplain at Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care. “The joy in their voice told me how much they appreciated it, and I saw the cards sitting in every room.” 

The scrapbook card project started in 2021 to brighten the days of patients and caregivers. “Doing things like this for our patients and families is gratifying,” said Annetta Dellinger, manager of Volunteer Services at Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care. “After seeing the cards bring joy to patients last year, we knew we had to do it again this year.” 

Volunteers gathered at one volunteer’s home with scrapbook supplies, made a design for the cards, and started an assembly line of coloring, pasting, attaching sequins, and writing on the cards.  

“The heart of the Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care family is focusing on our patients and their caregivers,” Dellinger said. “We hope that these little surprises become a big encouragement for every one of them.”  

To learn more about volunteering with Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care, visit: 

Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care is an affiliate of Ohio’s Hospice. Based in Marysville, Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care began in 1993 as a grass-roots organization to provide hospice services to patients and their families in Union and Madison counties. The not-for-profit hospice helps patients to live with dignity, comfort and control by establishing goals for a better quality of life. The hospice team serves patients wherever the patient calls home, involving patients and family in choices and decisions. 

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