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After someone is given a grim prognosis, a renewed sense of appreciation for life and its’ simple pleasures may be recognized. Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care can help the patient and loved ones focus on living with their failing disease instead of dying from it. An important goal in hospice is to measure days in terms of the quality of life rather than quantity.

1. Completing one’s plans⁠ — This might include finances, writing an advance directive and making end of life wishes known so the patient can find peace in their day and not worry about the unfinished details.

2. Coming to terms with the meaning of one’s life ⁠— Life review can be obtained with a hospice volunteer. This is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments along with share the past.

3. Forgiveness ⁠— Everyone makes mistakes, and identifying things to make amends facilitates healing.

4. Resolving conflict ⁠— When faced with the possibility of never seeing each other again, we often recognize that relationships are more important than any grudges that have developed.

5. Acceptance of the disease they are facing ⁠— Patients and families can be in denial of the disease that has caused this new stage in life. Learning to accept the facts can bring more focus on the items that lead to quality of life. Focusing that mental energy on what you can change instead of what you can’t.

6. Considering the otherworldly step ⁠— As people prepare to die, they often find solace in spirituality and the concept of a Being or Entity larger than themselves. Helping one find that inner peace can be exhilarating in those final weeks and days.

7. The end of life is just as important as the beginning ⁠— This stage at the end of life affects everyone differently. The level of involvement varies, but yet many are left with loneliness and regrets when someone passes. Loved ones experiencing grief with a hand to hold can build successful coping skills needed later in life. Coping with a terminal illness leads many to reexamine their priorities. Rather than resign to a hopeless land of despair, patients and family caregivers often discover that the last few months can be filled with deep love, growth and grace.

When you choose Ohio’s Hospice Loving Care, you get quality care for life.

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